INHALE HEALTH® is a biotech company based in Beverly Hills, California with a mission to advance the world’s healthy habits. Our team includes a synergistic mix of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, and industry professionals working in harmony to achieve our common goal of advancing global health.

We believe in a world where all products are created with health in mind, a world where humanity inhales nutrients rather than toxins. Wellness starts within. It’s time to revolutionize what we inhale. Every moment, every breath, is an opportunity to advance health. Now is the time to break the stigma and redefine what it means to inhale. Now is your time to get more out of every breath. Inhalation can and should be used to advance well-being. A healthier lifestyle is now available to all people. Our devices are modern, portable, and designed to complement your daily routine. Take HEALTH IN YOUR POCKET™ wherever you go. Experience the world’s fastest nutrient absorption – with ZERO NICOTINE, ZERO CALORIES, ZERO SUGAR. Shouldn’t you INHALE HEALTH®?

We are committed to building a future where humanity breathes wellness, not toxins. Combining innovation and artisan design, our products are engineered for health and designed for your lifestyle. Extraordinary care goes into every stage of the manufacturing process behind all INHALE HEALTH® products. Only the finest USP pharmaceutical grade vitamins go into our liquid vitamin formula, which is produced here at home in the USA and sourced from ISO certified facilities in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our device raw materials are medical grade, BPA free, and propylene glycol free.

ENERGY™ contains Vitamin B12, Organic Arabica Caffeine, L-Theanine, and Berry flavor suspended in Organic Vegetable Glycerin. VITAMIN™ contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and comes in either Vanilla flavor or Strawberry flavor suspended in Organic Vegetable Glycerin. SLEEP™ contains Melatonin and Lavender flavor suspended in Organic Vegetable Glycerin.

Inhalation is completely misunderstood. People forget that our bodies are built to inhale, and that we do so every moment of our lives. Why is it then, that all the inhalable products in history deliver carcinogenic toxins?

Inhalable nutrients were inspired by the biological truth that the respiratory system is a hyper-efficient, direct pathway to the bloodstream. Inhalation can and should be used for good.

Our business was also inspired by the belief that all products in all industries can and should serve the health and best interests of the people who use them. Anything less is nonsensical and morally indefensible. Why build anything harmful for anyone ever? Especially when the same delivery mechanism can be used to do so much good.

Our proprietary device and formula combination allows nutrients to transition to an inhalable state without disrupting their integrity or bioavailability. Allowing micronutrients to be delivered through the respiratory system is a direct pathway that circumvents several inefficiencies of the digestive system. We have verified the successful transition of liquid nutrients through independent third party labs and the immediate uptake of our inhalable nutrients with clinical trials. The chromatogram below details a liquid analysis of our VITAMIN™ formula and an aerosol analysis illustrating the successful transition of vitamins from liquid to an aerosol.


No. INHALE HEALTH® products are designed to boost the health and wellness of our customers. Our products do not contain toxins, nicotine, tobacco, or propylene glycol (PG).

Inhalable Nutrients by Inhale Health™ use proprietary thermochemistry to heat liquid nutrient solutions and transition them to a vapor that is directly inhaled. Our target nutrients enter the bloodstream immediately, and our technology allows customers to experience a faster and more efficient vitamin uptake than through pills and tablets. Inhale Health’s product line is designed to be a healthy habit. None of the Vitamins we use have a daily maximum, meaning our customers may use our products as frequently as they wish to support peak vitamin levels.

Each one of our devices contains 500 activations. Our customers average between one week and up to a month of use from a single unit. There is no refilling or recharging. When our device has reached the end of its lifecycle, it will simply flash to let you know its time for a new one.

Inhale Health™ currently offers four products, three of which are available for sale currently in South Africa.

VITAMIN™ Vanilla Classic

VITAMIN™ Strawberry Fields

Our VITAMIN™ line which comes in both Strawberry and Vanilla combines four b-complex vitamins: B1, B2, B6 and B12 (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, and Cobalamin). These vitamins were chosen for a number of reasons. Our selection of B-complex helps the human body with many essential processes. Vitamins B1 and B2 support a healthy immune system and metabolism. B6 aids in neurotransmitter production and red blood cell longevity. B12 supports natural energy production by helping our body break down the foods we eat and convert them to sugars. None of our selected B vitamins have a daily maximum which allows our customers to Inhale Health™ as frequently as they wish. These products are designed to support general health and wellness.

ENERGY™ Electric Berry Our ENERGY™ line consists of a higher concentration of vitamin B12 combined with organic caffeine naturally sourced from arabica coffee extract. The heightened levels of B12 coupled with rapidly delivered caffeine provide a heightened sense of alertness at a moment’s notice.

SLEEP™ Lavender Dream SLEEP ™ which is currently only available in the USA delivers melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that regulates sleep timing. Our SLEEP product is the fastest acting sleep aid on the market and we use it to help the 60% of the adult population who suffer from insomnia or occasional trouble falling asleep.

At Inhale Health™ we are obsessed with product design. Not only do we strictly use the highest pharmaceutical grade nutrients in our liquid formulations, we insist on the highest quality standards when it comes to product hardware as well. From the metal plating of our devices to the quality of the packaging; attention to detail is paramount in everything we design.

Inhale Health™ has nothing to do with mimicking smoking. We do hope to wake up the world to the truth that they can Inhale Health™ rather than toxins. People really need to have this epiphany. Again, the important idea to grasp is that inhalation itself is not unhealthy. It is an essential mechanism of the human body. We use inhalation on a moment to moment basis to supply the bloodstream with oxygen. Our goal in time is to shift the collective consciousness regarding its associations with inhalation. We believe in a future where humanity inhales nutrients, not toxins. One day people will look back on smoking as a bygone relic of the past. The people of the future will rapidly deliver nutrients to their bodies through direct inhalation. Thankfully, that future is available now to the people who choose to embrace it.

Inhale Health™ products have helped many people stop smoking due to the fact that they service the “oral fixation”. Our products were not designed to be smoking cessation tools, however due to the form factor, many of our customers have adopted them as such. We have been humbled by the testimonials from individuals we have helped by providing them an alternative to inhaling harmful substances. The ability to impact human life for the better across a global family of humans inspires us daily.

Inhale Health products contain no addictive substances.

Despite the fact that none of our products contain any substances that have a legal age restriction - we do not retail our products to anyone under 18 years of age as a self enforced company policy. Regarding our ENERGY™ product which contains caffeine; caffeine in any form is generally not recommended when nursing or pregnant.

INHALE HEALTH® products are subject to comprehensive testing prior to selling in the market. We conducted both lab-based quality control testing and in-vivo human absorption testing. Our products passed both these stages of review with flying colors. In the lab, high performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography have been used to assay both our liquid formula and our inhalable nutrients. Our proprietary technology successfully transitions vitamins from a liquid state to an inhalable state. Following this analysis, we conducted clinical trials to prove the efficacy of vitamin uptake through inhalation. Results showed unanimous nutrient uptake in all test subjects in excess of the recommended daily allowance after consistent use of INHALE HEALTH® products. Our formula has also been comprehensively analyzed to ensure that it is free of all foreign bodies or unintended molecules. INHALE HEALTH® is fervently committed to excellence. We spare no expense when it comes to product integrity and efficacy. We will continue to conduct extensive in-vitro and in-vivo analysis to pioneer the innovation of health-promoting inhalables.

Our products deliver nutrients to the bloodstream faster than pills or beverages. Anyone looking to experience fast-acting delivery of energy, vitamins, or a sleep-aid should try our products. Results may vary by individual. Our modern and portable devices are easy to integrate into your daily routine. Take HEALTH IN YOUR POCKET™ wherever you go. Experience the world’s fastest nutrient absorption – with ZERO NICOTINE, ZERO CALORIES, ZERO SUGAR. Isn’t it about time to INHALE HEALTH®?

None of our products contain toxins. It is advised to follow recommended guidelines with regard to our caffeine and melatonin products. Our inhalable B-Complex has no daily maximum.

We stand by the safety of our products and our extensive testing. The product is not intended or recommended for use by persons under 18 years of age; women who are pregnant or nursing; persons sensitive to caffeine; persons with a medical condition, compromised lung capacity, or taking medication. For persons taking medication, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional prior to use. Our vitamins and nutrients are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and our products have not produced any known side effects. Long-term studies are underway to keep our customers safe.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or other medical conditions.

Our vitamins and nutrients are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and can be freely used with other vitamins. We recommend consulting your healthcare professional before using with other medications or supplements.

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We do our best to ship your product the day we receive your order. Your product will be shipped no later than the following working day from your date of purchase. You will receive an email with order tracking information at the time of shipment. Your order should arrive within 3 to 5 business days from the date that it was shipped.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to the oral nature of the devices and hygienic reasons, we cannot accept returns as these products cannot be resold. In the unlikely event you experience any issue or malfunction with your INHALE HEALTH® device, please notify us immediately at and we will be happy to assist you. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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