3rd April 2017.

From: Inhale Health™ Founder Daniel Wolf

Thank you for taking the time to consider Inhale Health™ for inclusion in your product range. Our regional distribution partner Mike Bolus has let us know that there are some questions in house regarding the nature, safety and efficacy of our product line. We understand your concerns perfectly, and wanted to take a minute to pen you this letter directly with the hopes of addressing your reservations. Regardless of outcome, we appreciate your feedback regarding the enclosed.

Like you, our steadfast goal is to protect and increase the health and wellbeing of our customers. Our enterprise began with the humble question: why is it that all inhalable products sold at scale in the modern age are built around carcinogenic toxins? Since the human system is designed to use inhalation on a moment to moment basis, can’t it be used for good?

Thus the concept of inhalable nutrients was born. Our first task was to prove we could cause liquid vitamins to successfully transition to a vaporized state whilst maintaining their bioavailability. A combination of high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and mass spectrometry was employed to test the viability of such a proposition. We are proud to say that we successfully achieved our goal. Third party labs that hold no affiliation to Inhale Health™ have verified that our products successfully shift liquid micronutrient profiles to vapor whilst keeping the target molecules intact. We have since proved this in the lab for the entire suite of micronutrients represented in our product line: Riboflavin, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Cobalamin, Caffeine, L-Theanine, and Melatonin.

Next of course, we turned our attention to proving the successful uptake of vaporized or aerosolized micronutrients in humans. Pilot clinical work was commissioned and undertaken by Dr. David Ramin, a leading clinician in South California on faculty at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine. Our trials were successful. After just brief exposure to our products, all test subjects displayed an immediate uptick in nutrient levels.

It was at this moment that my team and I collectively realized a sequence of epiphanies. Firstly, we’d proven that inhalation is a more efficient delivery mechanism for select micronutrients; that the metabolism can be bypassed and we can inhale nutrients to the bloodstream directly without any digestive degradation. Secondly, we realized what a monumental movement our products can represent for preventative health. In a world where nearly 20% of the adult population

habitually inhales carcinogenic tobacco, it dawned on us the amount of good we can do by introducing a product line that empowers people to Inhale Health™ rather than toxins.

Herein lays the crux of our value proposition. Not only does our product line deliver healthful agents through a more efficient medium; our product line provides an alternative to toxic agents delivered through the same medium. In the future, humanity will not consume carcinogenic products. In fact, we believe the humans of the future will look back with shock and disdain at the days when as a society we mass produced and consumed products like tobacco which we knowingly understand are detrimental to life itself. What a completely illogical reality we’ve built for ourselves. The future is different though. In the future we will inhale nutrients, not toxins.

Like any desired future, in order for it to take hold, it must be embraced by the decision makers of the present. I was inspired in April of 2016 when the Royal College of Physicians issued the landmark report urging all physicians in the UK to migrate patients who smoke, away from combustible tobacco and onto electronic cigarettes. Their logic, a lesser of two evils. Electronic cigarettes provide nicotine whilst avoiding ingestion of carbon monoxide and the plethora of chemical additives found in traditional cigarettes. Nonetheless, the world was still missing the point. Why deliver nicotine at all? Why delivery anything unhealthful for any reason?

At Inhale Health™ we take things a quantum leap farther ~ we exclusively produce inhalable products that contain no toxins whatsoever. To the contrary, our products contain nutrients with verified immediate uptake in the human system.

Given that we’ve invented a new product category ~ we impose harsh self-regulation in order to set the precedent for excellence in what will no doubt become an emerging field.

For Instance:

  • We exclusively utilize United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade micronutrients.
  • We manufacture all of our nutrient liquids in the USA under GMP standards and in ISO certified facilities.
  • We exclusively suspend our nutrients in a base of vegetable glycerin (which was selected because it has been the a primary carrier in asthma inhalers since the 1950s with long term studies recognizing it as safe for inhalation).
  • We go a step farther and strictly utilize organic vegetable glycerin.
  • We employ proprietary thermochemistry which has had its efficacy verified on numerous independent occasions.
  • We always ensure that our products are free of all additives, byproducts, and any extraneous foreign bodies.
  • All material safety data sheets, certificates of analysis, and toxicology reports are available for disclosure.

Further, we are proud to report a rapidly scaling network of pedigree partners in both the retail and medical space. Inhale Health™ supplies leading health supplement distribution networks on

multiple continents. In the medical community here in Los Angeles, we work directly with nurse practitioners who elect to use our inhalable nutrients with patients as a means to reduce the intake of carcinogens. They have done so with great success given that we now hold a portfolio of grateful patient testimonials.

There is no question that our product line is a new concept, but therein lies the opportunity. We feel privileged that Inhale Health™ is entering South Africa this spring under the guidance of Mike Bolus. We’d like nothing more than to see it scale and be supported by esteemed retailers specifically like yourselves. Although the concept is new, I can personally assure you that every commercial measure has been taken to ensure that our product line is safe and that it is effective. By adopting Inhale Health™, our retail partners not only provide consumers with an innovative health experience, they help set an important precedent for preventative health and corporate responsibility. Every product we produce as a society should have the best interests in mind of the people who use them. At Inhale Health™ we are making disruptive strides in micronutrient delivery, and further, in the reduction of carcinogen consumption.

I thank you sincerely for your consideration, and I hope you will consider a trial with our product line. I have no doubt your customer base will be the better for it and my team and I are standing by to assist in any way we can.

Yours Faithfully,

Daniel Wolf
Founder & CEO
Inhale Health, LLC